Multivariable Calculus with Vectors



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Block I

Introduction to Vectors and Multivariable Functions

Block II

Partial Derivatives, Directional Derivatives, Gradients

Block III

Multiple Integration in Rectangular, Polar, and Spherical Coordinates

Block IV

Vector Calculus, Line/Surface Integrals, Greens/Stokes/Divergence Theorems


Past Finals

Instructions for Monday's (12/15/2008) Final

  fall 07 exam solutions

The SM221/P final exam will be Monday, 15 December, 2008 1330-1630.

Section 1021 in MI094

Section 2021 in MI095


You should bring to the exam a #2 pencil, a straight edge, and a calculator.


You may also bring a formula sheet.  The sheet may be up to 8.5 by 11 inches.  You may write on both sides.  You must hand write the formula sheet yourself.  No duplicating other studentís sheet. 


You must bring a blue book!!


Cell phones and other communication devices are to be used for emergency incoming calls only.  You are not to discuss any of the questions on the exam, either in person or electronically with anyone else until you and that person have turned in the exam.


The exam will consist of three parts:

Part A has four hand computation problems.  These are to be done without a calculator.  You may use your formula sheet.  After you have completed this part of the exam, you need to turn it in to your instructor and then you may use your calculator for the remainder of the exam.  This portion of the exam counts 20% of the exam grade.


Part B has fifteen multiple choice questions.  Bubble in the best answer on the bubble sheet and circle it on the exam page.  Any work to get your answer, needs to be turned in on the exam or a separate sheet of paper when you leave.  Make sure that the top of the bubble sheet is filled in.  In particular, make sure that your alpha code is bubbled in the appropriate boxes on the answer sheet.  This portion of the exam counts 30% of the exam grade.


Part C has ten problems to be solved.  Do the work in Blue Book.  This part of the exam counts 50% of the exam grade.


Make sure your name and alpha code are on all papers that you turn in.


All topics covered in the lesson assignment sheet are fair game for the final exam.


I will be in Monday morning for last minute questions.  Email so that I know that you are coming.

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